North Carolina:

      Currently we offer face- to -face visits for  buprenorphine treatment in Charlotte, NC for opioid  addiction.  We are located in a comfortable medical-  office environment where patients can safely discuss  the most intimate parts of their lives and start  down the path to recovery to reclaim the dignity  and humanity that is often lost when one is in the  throws of active addiction.  Opioid pain killers and  heroin use has reached an unprecedented high in the  United States, with more than 2.5 million people  addicted, and a staggering death toll claiming more  and more lives each day.  The stigma, shame, fear  and self-loathing that many people feel often  prevents them from reaching out for help.  As  trained addiction and psychiatry specialists,  we understand the mutualistic relationship between  mental health and substance abuse.  We are here to  listen and to help you take the first step towards  recovery, in a judgment- free environment.  Our  online scheduling system allows you to book  appointments and complete intake forms at your  convenience and in the privacy of your own home.  To  schedule an appointment please click on the  "SCHEDULE" tab from the menu above.  Please read the  information below to acquaint yourself with our  policies and procedures.  Thank you and we look  forward to seeing you.

       Initial and Follow-up Visits:

      Your initial visit will typically last for 45 - 60  minutes.  During this time we will discuss topics  such as your past medical history, history of  substance abuse, family dynamics, social, educational  and occupational history, any current health issues  and medications that you are currently taking.  You  will also have a physical exam and give a urine  sample to determine and document your general  state of health.  In order to begin buprenorphine  treatment it is important for you to be in a state of  mild to moderate withdrawal, which occurs about 18-  24 hours from your last use of any heroin or opioid  products.  If you are transitioning from methadone  to buprenorphine please let your provider know, as  the induction process is slightly different.  At your  first appointment you will fill out your initial  paperwork, which includes consent for treatment,  notices of HIPPA compliance and privacy policies,  consent for criminal background check, and  acknowledgements of our practice policies.

      Starting on buprenorphine treatment is called  induction.  You will begin the induction process in  the comfort and privacy of your home and your  provider will be available by phone should any  questions or concerns arise.  We strongly encourage  you to bring a family member, friend or significant  other with you to your first appointment to support  you and help answer any questions that your provider  may have.  We understand that this can be a very  frightening time for you and the more support that  you have the more successful that you are likely to  be.  You will leave your initial appointment with a  prescription for enough medication for the initial  induction and to get you thru one week of treatment.  You will be asked to return in one week for your  first follow-up appointment.  After patients have  reached a stable point and have consistent urine  drug screens, follow-up appointments are generally  scheduled every 28 days. 

       Billing and Payment Policy:

      Currently we are not accepting third-party  payments from private insurance companies or  Medicare.  Payment of fees can be made via  debit or credit card in the office at the time of the  visit.  We do not accept checks or cash payments.  If you need a receipt for your payment we will be  happy to provide you with one that includes a  complete visit summary with the information  necessary for you to file for reimbursement with your  insurance company.


      Medication refills are addressed during your  session.  It is your responsibility to keep your follow-  up appointments, take medications as prescribed,  secure your medications against loss or theft and not  to share your medications with others to ensure that  there is no lapse in treatment.  In the event of lost  or stolen prescriptions or medications, replacements  will only be provided at the discretion of your  provider, with an accompanying police report and will  require a face- to- face visit. 


      Minor children under the age of 18 years old  must be accompanied to the visit by a parent, legal  guardian or court appointed individual.  The adult  accompanying the minor child may be asked to show  proof of their legal right to make healthcare decisions  for the minor child.  After the initial visit, if a  parent or legal guardian would like for someone other  than themselves, such as a friend or family member  to bring the child to a follow-up visit a form needs  to be filled out allowing Nirvana Mental Healthcare  Services, Inc. to release confidential healthcare  information to the individual and also to make  decisions on behalf of the parent in their absence.  The accompanying adult is also responsible for any  monies due at the time of the visit.

    Medical records, letters and forms:

      Nirvana Mental Healthcare Services, Inc.  charges a fee for medical records, letters and forms  that need to be completed for schools, camps, worker's  compensation, occupational evaluations, short term  disability and F.M.L.A.  The fee varies, with a  processing fee of $35.00 and $5.00 additional per one-  sided page per form.  Please allow one week from  the date of the request for the form to be completed.  Long term disability and F.M.L.A. forms require a  six month established relationship with the practice to  be completed on the patient’s behalf, in addition to  any applicable fees. 

     Termination of patient relationship:

      If you have not been treated by Dr. Williams  for three months or longer you are no longer  considered a patient, therefore no requests for  forms, document completion or prescription refills will  be honored.  You may re-establish care by scheduling  an appointment to be seen.  Additionally, suspicion  of drug diversion including abnormal urine drug  screenings, no-shows for requested pill counts and  multiple missed visits will result in termination of  the provider/patient relationship.