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      1. Opioid addiction treatment: We are currently  offering several buprenorphine treatment options.  Following a thorough assessment to determine if you  are an appropriate candidate for buprenorphine  therapy you can choose your preferred administration  option.  We are located in a comfortable medical-  office environment where patients can safely discuss  the most intimate parts of their lives and start  down the path to recovery to reclaim the dignity  and humanity that is often lost when one is in the  throws of active addiction.  Opioid pain killers and  heroin use has reached an unprecedented high in the  United States, with more than three million people  addicted, and a staggering death toll claiming more  and more lives each day.  The stigma, shame, fear  and self-loathing that many people feel often  prevent them from reaching out for help.  As  trained addiction and psychiatry specialists,  we understand the mutualistic relationship between  mental health and substance abuse.  We are here to  listen and help you take the first step towards  recovery, in a judgment- free environment.  Thank  you and we look  forward to seeing you.

      2. Ketamine Therapy:  Starting January 2023  we will be offering ketamine in-office treatments.  Following a thorough assessment to determine if  you  are an appropriate candidate for ketamine therapy  you can choose between intra-nasal inhalation or  intramuscular injections.  Ketamine therapy is  indicated for treatment resistant depression,  anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and PTSD.  The initial recommended course of treatment is twice  weekly for three weeks, a total of six sessions.  On  the days of treatment you will be required to remain  in the office for two hours after the medication  is administered and have someone drive you home.  Call the office today to schedule an initial consult to  see if ketamine therapy is right for you.   



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