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        Dr. Ayanna Williams, DNP, PMHNP-BC 

      Dr. Williams is a doctoral prepared, board  certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.  She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and has  been in the nursing profession for 26 years.  Her  nursing career started from humble beginnings as a  nurse aid in 1991.  She then progressed to a licensed  practical nurse, a registered nurse and then to a  doctoral prepared psychiatric nurse practitioner.  Dr.  Williams has had an interest in mental health and  behavioral science since her teen years.  Throughout her  many years as a nurse and in many diverse roles, her  passion for mental health never died.  Her interest in  a career focused on mental health was re-invigorated  when she learned about the role of the psychiatric  mental health nurse practitioner.  It was then that she  embarked on a journey into what has blossomed into a  career dedicated to understanding and helping those  with mental health challenges.               

      Dr. Williams also specializes in substance abuse  treatment and recognizes the integral role of substance  abuse in many mental health disorders.  Her passion  for understanding and treating substance abuse is  partially driven by growing up in a family where  substance abuse was a prevalent part of the family  culture.  From this unique perspective, as both a  healthcare provider and one with lived experience as  a child of a substance addicted parent, Dr. Williams  recognizes the devastating impact that substance abuse  can have on an individual's life and on a family unit.  She strives to address substance abuse treatment as an  essential part of holistic mental health recovery and  cultivate a safe environment for patient self- discovery  and healing. 

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