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  Dr. Ayanna Williams, DNP, PMHNP-BC

     Mission: To provide competent, compassionate  and comprehensive psychiatric care to all patients.


          Educational Background:

   Doctor of Nursing Practice: Family Psychiatric     Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - March 2016 

        Brandman University, Irvine, CA

   Bachelor of Science in Nursing - October 2012 

        Excelsior College, Albany, NY

   Associate of Science in Nursing - October 2010

     Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH

   Associate of Arts - May 2001

     Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH

   Practical Nursing Certificate - September 2000

     Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH

   Nurse Aid Certificate - June 1991

     Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH


           Teaching Experience:

   ECPI University: Nursing Faculty Adjunct  Instructor for associate degree and licensed  practical nursing students teaching clinical and  didactic psychiatric nursing classes

  • Lectured

  • Collaborated on development of syllabus and exams, course curriculum, and overall course structure

  • Met with students upon request, graded all written work, including final exam papers, administered all grades


             Work Experience:

   Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner   Experience: 2016 to present

  • Assessed, diagnosed and treated patients with psychiatric and mental health disorders   including, but not limited to major depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other psychosis related disorders, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder and sleep/ wake disorders via video tele-conferencing and direct face- to -face encounters

  • Prescribed and monitored medications for efficacy and side effects

  • Ordered and monitored lab and other diagnostic test results 

  • Provided referrals and treatment planning to promote comprehensive care including psycho-social rehab, exercise, sleep- hygiene and other appropriate psycho-therapeutic modalities

  • Conducted and integrated individual and family therapy into medication management sessions

  • Tracked and documented services provided, patient progress, and outcomes using validated scales

  • Collaborated with psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists on treatment planning and implementation

  • Provided psycho-education and consultation to patients, family members and staff members as needed

  • Provided crisis response to new and existing clients


     Registered Nurse Experience: 2010 to 2016

   Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT)    RN focusing on both the psycho-social and medical  aspects of nursing in a community-based setting  

  • Collaborated with team psychiatrist to address patients' mental health needs related to medication management in a population with serious and persistent mental illness

  • Coordinated and administered psychotropic medications in a home-based setting

  • Administered and monitored efficacy of long-acting injectables to facilitate patient compliance and adherence to medication     regimen 

  • Provided patient and family education regarding medications and disease processes   

  • Provided psycho-social rehab and life skills teaching

  • Provided screening and counseling for patients with medical co-morbidities

  • Provided transport and coordination of medical aspects of care for patients with medical co-morbidities

  • Performed physical as well as psychological assessments to triage and provide crisis care in emergent situations, with a goal of stabilizing patients and preventing hospitalizations

  • Managed episodes of acute mental illness

  • Incorporated primary and preventative care into mental health services thru engagement in therapeutic communication, triage and assessment, with a focus on health promotion and disease prevention

     Outpatient/office-based psychiatric clinic RN

  • Triaged patients upon check-in

  • Collected information for billing and reimbursement

  • Verified insurance benefits and coverage

  • Obtained prior-authorizations from insurance companies

  • Performed psychiatric assessments under supervision of treating psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioner

  • Administered long acting injectables in-office

  • Processed prescription refill requests

  • Ordered, recorded and communicated critical lab and diagnostic results to psychiatrist 

  • Coordinated referrals in accordance with psychiatrist's orders

  • Provided psycho-education to patients and family members related to psychotropic medications and disease processes

  • Utilized Motivational Interviewing techniques to promote behavioral and lifestyle changes

  • Substance abuse screening with brief intervention and referral for treatment   


     Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility RN  working with emotionally disturbed children and  adolescents referred to facility by court order, local  school districts or by the Department of Human  Services in non-acute phases of illness requiring  restorative treatment services

  • Worked with adolescent male sex offenders participating in team- based treatment approaches

  • Facilitated individual and group psychotherapy sessions using Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques and socratic questioning methodology

  • Collaborated with psychiatrist and assisted with tele-psychiatry by collecting and communicating vital sign data and clinical observations for medication management sessions with treating psychiatrist

  • Promoted and facilitated milieu therapy

  • Administered medications

  • Performed physical assessments

  • Monitored treatment plan progress

  • Provided wound care for patients with self-injurious/self-harming behaviors

     Primary Care Clinic RN collaborating with  internal medicine physicians and family  nurse practitioners to integrate mental health  services with primary care services to provide  person-centered holistic care

  • Consulted with and trained primary care providers on implementation of integrative medicine models of healthcare delivery within a primary care clinic

  • Provided integrated physical and psychosocial health assessments to patients

  • Provided psycho-pharmacologic and disease process education to patients and staff

  • Consulted on the management of non-complex psychiatric health deviations such as depression and anxiety

  • Coordinated referrals for patients requiring management of complex psychiatric illnesses


     Infusion RN performing vascular access in a  home-based setting, using a variety of different  devices and techniques

  • Performed venipuncture and accessed implanted port devices

  • Administered a variety of medications, including antibiotics, chemotherapy, nutritional therapies, vitamins, minerals and immuno-globulins via intravenous infusions

  • Monitored patients for potential complications and reactions during infusions

  • Managed tubing, maintained infusion catheters and peripheral intravenous lines 

  • Ensured infection control and patient comfort during infusions

  • Performed blood draws

  • Ordered and monitored laboratory results per protocols

  • Maintained records of medication administration

  • Provided documentation for insurance authorization and reimbursement

  • Provided patient and family education regarding medications, side effects, and potential complications

  • Collaborated with treating physicians for modifications on medication dosing, based on patient assessment 

     Acute Psychiatric Hospital staff RN with  diverse roles and responsibilities

  • Provided psychiatric care to a variety of patient populations including adult, adolescent, pediatric and geriatric patients

  • Integrated substance abuse and psychiatric care for patients on chemical dependency/detox unit

  • Managed partial hospitalization program

  • Administered medications and monitored for efficacy and side effects

  • Provided psycho-education

  • Performed treatment plan evaluations

  • Documented and charted patient progress

  • Planned and led daily patient education groups

  • Taught coping skills, assisted patients in identify triggers and establishing healthy boundaries

  • Utilized therapeutic communication skills

  • Coordinated electro-convulsion therapy (E.C.T.) services

  • Provided supportive care to patients and family members during all phases of E.C.T. treatment

  • Conducted E.C.T. pre-treatment orientation, including completion and review of relevant paperwork

  • Maintained clinical records of E.C.T. treatments

  • Monitored patient status during E.C.T. implementation and seizure phases

  • Monitored patients during recovery/post-anesthesia phases

  • Prepared patients for discharge and provided discharge education and instructions to ward staff or relatives, following E.C.T. treatments

  • Provided orientation, preceptorship and training to new employees  

     Home Health Care RN managing patients  with mental health diagnoses and medical co-  morbidities in a home-based setting

  • Performed physical exams, health assessments and mental health screenings

  • Managed, reconciled and administered oral,  injectable and topical medications

  • Case management and care coordination of adjunctive and ancillary patient services

  • Collaborated with physicians, physical therapists and other allied healthcare professionals for a team-based approach to care

  • Performed wound care

  • Performed blood glucose monitoring and insulin  administration

  • Performed post-hospital/post-surgical discharge monitoring

  • Provided patient teaching on medications and disease processes

  • Documented skilled care according to Medicare and OASIS guidelines

  • Performed comprehensive physical assessments

  • Preceptorship and training of new employees


 Licensed Practical Nurse Experience: 2011 to 2016

     Medicaid patient care assistant case  manager responsible for assessing patients’ ability to  perform activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living in a home-based setting

  • Determined eligibility of patient care assistant benefits

  • Documented according to Medicaid guidelines

  • Coordinated care with ancillary services

  • Provided resource referrals as needed


     Home health setting- licensed practical nurse   with duties similar to those listed above


     Nursing Home setting- licensed practical nurse

  • Acted as charge nurse

  • Coordinated patient admissions and discharges

  • Transcribed and implemented physician orders

  • Performed physical assessments

  • Performed tracheotomy care, enteral tube feedings, wound care management and respiratory treatments

  • Administered medications and monitored for efficacy and side effects

  • Delegated tasks to subordinate staff


     Hospital setting- licensed practical nurse on a   medical/surgical telemetry unit

  • Monitored telemetry machines

  • Administered medications and monitored for efficacy and side effects

  • Performed wound care and intravenous therapy management

  • Documented patient care

  • Performed comprehensive physical assessments

  • Delegated patient care to ancillary staff 

      Nurse Aid Experience: 1991 to 2001

     Skilled Nursing Facility and Private Duty    Nursing settings serving a geriatric population

  • Provided direct patient care

  • Assisted patients with completion of activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living


   Licenses and Certifications and Trainings:

  • Registered Nurse – North Carolina, Washington, D.C., Nevada

  • Nurse Practitioner - North Carolina, Maryland, New Mexico

  • American Nurse Credentialing Center - Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, May 2016

  • Trained in cognitive behavior therapy for adolescents, May 2015

  • QPR Suicide Prevention Training, April 2014

  • Mental Health First Aid Training, April 2014

  • NC coalition against sexual assault peer support group facilitator training, March 2014 

  • 1 in 6 webinar trainings on working with male sexual assault survivors, ongoing trainings in 2014

  • Handle With Care (Crisis Intervention and Behavior Management Training), May 2013, March 2014, May 2014

  • Intravenous Therapy Certification, May 2001



     Nursing journal article 2012: "Experiences of    mental health nursing in the US: one nurse’s  personal reflections." Mental Health Nursing 32(4):  14-15.

     Dissertation 2016: Effects of Childhood Sexual  Abuse on Mental Health Outcomes in Adult Males

   Professional Affiliations and Memberships:

 American Psychiatric Nurses Association

 International Society of Psychiatric Nursing

 Neuroscience Education Institute

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