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    What to Expect at Your Appointments

      We offer psychiatric medication management,  brief psycho-therapy and substance abuse treatment  for opioid addiction via tele-health in our Roswell,  New Mexico office.  Your visits with Dr. Williams  will be hosted in a secure and private room where  you discuss your mental health concerns and/or  substance abuse issues over a HIPAA compliant  tele-health platform (Zoom).

      As a new patient, your initial appointment  is approximately one hour.  Please bring all  medications you are currently taking including over-  the-counter medications, herbal supplements and  vitamins.  Also, bring a list of all previous  psychiatric medications, a list of what worked and  didn’t, a list of previous psychiatric hospitalizations  and outpatient therapy trials.  During your initial  appointment we will discuss a variety of topics  including your past medical and psychiatric history,  your childhood, work history and other pertinent  information.  This is your opportunity to tell your  story and be heard in a judgment- free zone.    

      At the end of your appointment you will  receive a formal diagnosis, have lab-work ordered  and possibly an E.K.G. prior to the prescribing of  any medications.  This is to promote safe prescribing  practices and to ensure there are no pre-existing  medical conditions that may be contraindicated  with psychiatric medications that are being  considered for your treatment.  ***Patients receiving  buprenorphine (Suboxone) therapy can receive a  prescription on the initial visit to prevent relapse. 

      Your first follow-up will be scheduled within  one to two weeks and is approximately 40 minutes.  We will review lab and EKG results, discuss the  holistic components of mental health and make  medication selections based on your present   symptoms, personal needs, goals, and concerns. 

      Subsequent follow-up appointments will be  approximately 20 minutes and may also include  brief supportive psycho-therapy, coupled with  medication management based on your individual  needs.  We will discuss the effectiveness of your  current medications, any medication side effects,  residual symptoms that need to be addressed, coping  skills and medical and psycho-social changes that  may have occurred since your last visit, which can  impact your recovery.  Future follow-up visits are  scheduled at one to two month intervals depending  on the needs of the individual.  ***Individuals  receiving treatment for opioid addiction may  require more frequent follow-ups.  

      When new medications are prescribed it is  important that you are monitored consistently  throughout the course of treatment.  Your follow-up  will be scheduled in two to four weeks to ensure  the medication is working with no severe adverse  side-effects.  With few exceptions, only one new  medication is prescribed at a time.  This allows for  evaluation of efficacy and tolerability of each  medication independently.  Some medications require  periodic blood work to ensure the dose is safe and  effective, you will be notified of this at the time the  medication is prescribed.

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